How well high-reach outdoor advertising and recycling go together
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MEGABOARD has started a long-term cooperation with ArbeitsRaum (new: Wörkerei), an initiative of Caritas and Volkshilfe, in which used advertising materials find a sustainable life after the campaign. The path of an advertising material can be multifunctional and should not end up as a disposable product.


As soon as our customers have decided to advertise on a top location from MEGABOARD´s portfolio, we initiate the production of the subject in the first step. In order to give the campaign a face, we commission the printing company, which creates the subject according to the print file. After the final agreement with our clients, the installation companies are contracted to start the campaign posting. From then on, the campaign spreads the message during the campaign period. Notice that we do not want to ignore the creation process of a campaign. A great campaign is characterized by a creative subject with the best possible reach.

But what happens afterwards?

Campaign-end means that the advertising material are disposed. Now we have started a great cooperation to make this process more sustainable.MEGABOARD donates old and used advertising materials to make a positive contribution to waste prevention.
Customers who want to have their advertising material processed can have them developed into great, sustainable products by our cooperation partner.
We have recorded the journey of an OOH campaign and would like to provide an insight into the cooperation.

The ArbeitsRaum (new: Wörkerei) creates backpacks, bags and accessories on customer request as part of a non-profit project.
The employment project ArbeitsRaum (new: Wörkerei) supports unemployed young people between 18-24 years old in their gradual entry into working life. The store can be found at Brunnenmarkt booth 165-167.

Additionally MEGABOARD integrates OOH-projects also in social media channels and on the website.

One example of a successful implementation is: Wien Energie.
After the end of the campaign, the advertising material of the Votivkirche was further processed.

Sponsored by:
ArbeitsRaum is a joint project of Caritas Vienna and Volkshilfe Vienna.

MEGABOARD Kooperation mit Wörkerei für nachhaltiges Upcycling

You can find more about sustainability topics from MEGABOARD here:


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