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MEGABOARD wants to give you a look behind the scenes

Every campaign on Vienna's landmark, the St. Stephen's Cathedral, benefits from campaigns. This means that with every advertising booking the renovation will be supported and  the valuable work on the cathedral will be granted.
With this background information, we want to provide our customers a basis argumentation for their marketing budget planning.  Additionally we  want to let you, that we also support campaigns on our social media channels.
The beauty of this project is, that renovation work on cultural assets are exciting projects. This information needs to be shared with you.

Watch this video to find out more about the work on St. Stephen´s Cathedral in the heart of vienna

Thanks to DI Wolfgang Zehetner, the cathedral's master builder, who gave us all insights and also to his team, which does an excellent job every day.
The renovation work takes place at heights of up to 60 meters and, in addition to the work, provides a magnificent view over Vienna.

The question that many have already asked themselves:

Why takes the renovation work so long?

is easy to answer.

The hard working workers in protective clothing are standing day per day on the scaffolding and they are only using small tools for the renovation to prevent damaging the cathedral. Lasers or sandblasters are used to embellish St. Stephen's Cathedral piece by piece. Perhaps it is now easier to understand why some things take a bit longer.   

Watch this video to found out more about our previous campaigns on St. Stephen´s Cathedral.

MEGABOARD is proud to have great portfolio. Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Votiv Church and the City Hall are just a few.

Let the history and advertising possibilities inspire you.

There are also other advantages that speak for outdoor advertising at MEGABOARD. All essential points can be found in the section "Outdoor Advertising" on our homepage.

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